The Silken Windhound is truly a lagniappe hound. Silkens, these small, long-coated dogs fill an empty niche in the sighthound family.  With true sighthound prey drive, Silkens love to run and chase.   Their favorite place is still that of family member, making themselves comfortable on the sofa, bed, or other perfect resting place.  While waiting for the recognition that will allow them to take their place beside their sighthound cousins in the show ring, Silkens are participating in lots of other canine activities, including agility, fun and games lure coursing, and pet therapy.


UKC CH Lagniappe Bijou Take Five

Wall of Ribbons
Perry, GA - Aug. 2013

UKC CH Lagniappe Bourée

UKC CH Lagniappe Coffee and Chicory - 4 BoB's, 2 Hound Group 1's; 1 Hound Group 2; 1 Hound Group 3
UKC CH Lagniappe Bijou Take Five - New CH (5 BoWs); 1 BoB; 1 Hound Group 1
UKC CH Lagniappe Bourée - New CH


MRBIS UKC CH  Lagniappe Coffee & Chicory
RBIS, Hutto, April 2013



Lagniappe Bijou Take Five
Born Jan. 1, 2012
UKC RBIS CH Lagniappe Coffee & Chicory ex ISWS CH Shelikof de Omega

UKC RBIS CH & Rarities Int'l. CH Lagniappe Coffee & Chicory

ISWS CH and Rarities Int'l. CH  Shelikof de Omega


Best Puppy in Show
Great Southern Kennel Club
From Unlicensed Class at 14 Weeks


Great Southern Kennel Club
April 15, 2012
Chicory, Reserve Best in Show - Brubeck, Best Puppy in Show



Silken Coursing Pictures


New for Summer 2007. . .
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Rarities Kissimmee Show - Jan. 2006

Punzi's 10th Birthday Coursing Celebration

Rapunzel a/k/a Punzi
Kristull Rapunzel
Born:  March 14, 1998

(Kristull Flame ex. Kristull Nobunny)

Punzi becomes a Mom and has a gorgeous litter!

** SEE MY LITTER!  ** born November 3, 2004

PunzWithWallpaper2.jpg (25654 bytes)

Punzi Relaxing at Home

PunziSitting7-99.jpg (98932 bytes)
A Big Smile for the Camera



PunziTherapy.jpg (30923 bytes)
Punzi Gets Lots of Hugs

PunziAtNursingHome.jpg (29659 bytes)
And Gives Lots of Joy

PunziwithManPatient.jpg (49227 bytes)
Everyone Wants to Pet Punzi

Now, at 2 years old, Punzi's a pro and knows exactly how to make someone happy.


At 5 months of age, Rapunzel started her career with the Baton Rouge Capitol Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS) pet therapy volunteers.  She stepped into our Reiche's paw prints as one CAAWS's most popular therapists.

Punzi is small enough to sit on a lap and big enough to reach down and pet.

On her first visit, she was passed from lap to lap like a bag of potato chips and let everyone handle her like a veteran.

Silkens have such wonderful personalities and are so gentle, they make the perfect little therapists.


Kristull Gaelic of Lagniappe
Kristull Teal'c ex. Kristull Dulce
Born: June 2000

A Mighty Huntress
First Squirrel at Five Months Old

An Agility Champion in the Making - Jumping the Gate is Puppy Play



Punzi brought her running shoes!


GO  Gaelic  GO!


Gaelic, CGC
March 2001



Cool Run Lagniappe Agave
Summer 2006


Cool Run Lagniappe Agave
Spring 2007



Nuna was a  member of the Starcastle Hound family.
Her time on earth was way too short.
Lagniappe Hounds joins Starcastle in mourning her passing.




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